Saturday, October 20, 2012

minneapolis it is!

as I sit down to write a long overdue blog post, I am flooded with conflicting emotions, making it difficult to express what is truly going on inside of me. now, that may make it sound like it's bad & that couldn't be farther from the truth. I think I'm just at a loss for how to paint a summary of the happenings of my...our life for the last couple of months.

last thing you've heard, at least on this blog, is that we were moving out of Colorado and to who knows where... maybe California? Maybe Kansas City? many people have had questions for us, wondering why it seems as though we have a different answer of where we're going or what we will be doing every other week. this is not an accusation we can or want to deny. it has been true. & we have hated it. 

inconsistency & transition ruling your life is the death penalty to any family system.

then why were you allowing it?

let me explain.

change hit us fast. and hard. it sidelined us. besides the Lord hinting at it the week before it hit, we had no idea. we almost bought a house in the Springs the week before, for pete's sake. when the change hit, two things came with it, the feeling of excitement for a new adventure & a huge "oh no, what are we going to do?!" moment. 

when you find yourself in this position it's hard to not grasp for what the answer to your current circumstance of unknown is. and we did just that. we grasped. we grasped for any prophetic word, dream or past divine circumstance we could to try to iron out the wrinkles of our suddenly chaotic life. this is why you heard us talk a lot about Kansas City and California.

here's where a big part of the problem lies: we are far too transparent.

we usually share with people where we are at in the midst of our process, instead of waiting to share our perfect, cookie-cutter plan at the end of our process. I see the wisdom in waiting until things are official, however, I'm just not that good at keeping things in... I guess it really comes down to that. I want to invite people in to our process & to be for real about it.

needless to say, it took us driving in to our favorite city of Minneapolis at 3am to have a moment of stillness to hear the Lord share His heart with us for this beautiful city. but that wasn't all; we had so many wonderful conversations that released us to believe that it was indeed "OK" for us to move home.  and as more conversations and divine happenings took place, the more we saw that it wasn't just "OK" for us to move home, but potentially God's best for us.

so, here we are. living in my parents, all-too-familiar, basement. we're looking for jobs, seeking God on next steps as they pertain to Minneapolis, and doing our best to love each other, our kids & jesus in the process of the unknown.

we should be getting good at this by now :)

Friday, August 31, 2012


transition can be very difficult for many reasons, but one of the hardest for me, personally, is the unknown

have you ever taken the strengths finders test? one of my top strengths is futuristic. it comes as a strength when you are getting vision for a task, or when you really should look beyond your current circumstances for the potential light at the end of the tunnel... but often times, I see this "strength" as a weakness. here's why...

I have a very difficult time living in the moment. even if the moment is wonderful, I find myself looking beyond it to see what's coming next. it's almost a curse.

in transition--where we seem to find all times, I keep seeing how this futuristic thing is both a positive and a negative. you see, it's positive because I'm able to look beyond our current unknown, and see what might be coming down the pipe later on. however, when our future IS the unknown, I get myself into some trouble.

since I'm always looking ahead, I don't do well looking at what's directly in front of me. this is a problem when my whole house needs to be packed up and put into storage "pods". I don't want to do the every day tasks, I just want to think and plan about the things ahead.

right now, we don't know what's ahead. it's been about 5 weeks of this now--far too long for this futuristic girl. so my goal for this last week in the Springs is to take each day as it comes & do all that I can to not think about what is next.

my desire is to soak up each moment with my little girls before their 2nd birthday; to cherish this time with my husband where we get to do the mundane of life together day in and day out--since he doesn't have to go to work. I want to enjoy my last get togethers with friends and family, not  being so consumed with the fact that we're leaving, but simply enjoying each others company. and most of all, I want to prioritize my time with the Lord, the one who actually does know what is coming. but I don't want to be with Him to get answers--I really just long to be with Him.


Thursday, August 30, 2012

our update.

TheKrehbiels UPDATE


as I left off in my last blog...

we are moving quickly for a number of different reasons. Do we have to? no. But we think we should.

our plan is to pack up our home & move it all into a storage unit here in Colorado Springs next weekend. Then, by Monday, September 10, it is our hope to drive home to Minneapolis to spend a month with family & friends as we transition to the next place.

"what is the next place?" you may be wondering... well, right now, we're wondering the same thing! Right now, we are looking between Huntington Beach, California & Kansas City, Missouri. We feel like we know which one it is, but are waiting on some things to click into place before announcing it publicly :)

while we are in Minnesota, we are going to be focusing on recording some of the music the Lord has given us as a couple. We don't know exactly what that will look like, but God has been pretty clear with us that that is what we are supposed to do! exciting!

we could definitely use your prayer as we seek to finalize our plans! we will keep you updated with what's next as soon as we know :)

I'll post our update letter as well--which will give you more information on what's up!


Wednesday, August 29, 2012


I know, I know, once again, I haven't written in forever. Life just seems to get away with me sometimes. You know that feeling you get when it seems as though life is happening to you & you aren't the one doing life. That is exactly how I've felt over the last say... 4 years :) I think I'm beginning to come to terms with the idea that life may always look this way--non-stop, busy, with so many unexpected things popping up... daily. I think I just need to learn what it means to Carpe Diem, sieze the day, each day as it comes & not constantly be waiting for something that I've hoped or dreamed for to happen to me. It's much more likely that it will happen as you just make the most of each moment and truly cherish the season you are in.

wow... that's not what I was planning to write about... back to "transition"!

As you probably know, mostly through social media sites, our little family of four is packing up and moving out of Colorado Springs. We moved here nearly 2 years ago, knowing that it would be temporary, but having no idea it would be this temporary.

As of 5 weeks ago, things were going great, no bumps in the road, feeling confident in the possibility of "putting down roots" in the Springs. Josh had a solid job that he loved, we were close to family & hey, colorado is probably the best place on earth to raise your children :) We actually almost bought a home! We found a little place that was exactly what we were looking for and more for the right price. There was just something about it that we couldn't find peace over; so we moved on, believing God had something better for us.

3 days later is when the Lord began to encounter us & the possibility of leaving Colorado Springs came up in our conversation. 4 prophetic encounters and 5 days later, it became quite clear that our season in Colorado had come to an abrupt, yet beautiful, end.

no, Josh did not lose his job; however, what was in his heart to do at EHC was no longer one of the primary focuses of the ministry. We could have stayed, yet, God had other plans for us. And those were clear because of the way He had for-warned us 5 days before Josh's conversation with his boss/friend.

so here we are, 4 weeks later. approaching our final day of a huge moving sale, and preparing to pack up our home into what seems to be a million different boxes. I hate moving. yet at the same time, I have this quiet peace that keeps my heart excited and alive.

you may be wondering why we are moving so quickly... more on that later :)